Be back soon!

Thanks for your interest and/or participation in the custom mousepad beta.

We sold out of our initial stock, and are working on expanding to new mousepad sizes, international shipping, and more. Thanks again for your interest and stay tuned!

-- The SteelSeries Custom team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much is it?

    $39.99. Shipping is free.

  • It says my image isn't high res, what can I do?

    To find the highest resolution of your image: drag it onto Google Image search, let it upload, and click "All sizes". Hopefully it will give you the same image in all kinds of resolutions.

  • What size are these?

    450mm wide by 400mm tall (17.6 inches by 15.5 inches) -- same size as a black QcK+. They are 4mm (1/8 inch) thick; halfway between a QcK+ and a QcK Heavy.

  • Do you do other sizes?

    For now, we're just doing the QcK+ size. If you'd like to see another size, please let us know.

  • Which regions are you supporting?

    For the beta, we're only supporting US. We will be doing international shipping eventually.

  • How long will I be waiting once I submit?

    We estimate 7-10 business days. We specifically approve every order, get it printed, and ship it, and the time needed to do these things can fluctuate.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    Right now we're only accepting credit and debit card payments.

  • How many can I order?

    For now, we're limiting the quantity of each order to 10. If you want to order multiple designs, just submit another design with your new image.

  • Something broke when I tried to submit one, or I have a suggestion for your app.

    Awesome, we love feedback. Email us your thoughts.